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World Maritime University

ICS has been one of the longest-standing supporters of the World Maritime University (WMU), founded in 1983, and the ICS Secretary General is an active member of the University’s Board of Governors. Recognised by the International Maritime Organization, the WMU is a centre of excellence for advanced maritime education, research, capacity-building and economic development while promoting the roles of women in the maritime and ocean sectors.

ICS has been contributing to the work of WMU through financial support and bursaries, as well as ICS staff giving lectures and providing input and guidelines. For example, ICS has played and plays a vital role in the development and implementation of international treaties and conventions. The role of education and training in implementation is crucial and is the focus of attention of both ICS and the WMU. Many of the WMU graduates play key roles in the maritime industry, and participate in international debate through ICS and other bodies.

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