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Arvind Natrajan works as Senior Marine Adviser (Crewing & Training), within the Marine Department at ICS.


He reports to the Principal Director – Marine, and is responsible for the development and implementation of ICS policy on standards of training and certification of the 21st Century seafarer. This includes participation in International Maritime Organization Sub-Committees and being Consultant to various Industry Groups in collaboration with other NGOs to represent the interests of ICS Members, Shipowners and Operators.


“Working for ICS has given me the opportunity to be involved in my passion – upgrading the standards of the modern seafarer in the wake of technological advancement and environment awareness that is coursing through the Industry. I am thrilled to be involved in making a lasting contribution to shipping, forging a legacy that I will be proud to have played a part in.”


After a seafaring career in command of Oil and Chemical Tankers, Arvind was briefly involved in academics as a Nautical Science Lecturer with University of Suffolk. Prior to joining ICS in March 2022, he was involved in enforcing IMO and UK legislation through the Paris MoU Port State regime. A person of diverse interests, when not immersed in a book, he can be found exploring the great outdoors or inflicting crunching tackles as a centre-back on the football field.