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Industry Standard on In-water Cleaning with Capture

February 2021 Free

This industry standard helps to ensure that the in-water cleaning of a ship’s hull, and niche areas including the propeller, can be carried out safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable way.

The primary users are shipowners, who are responsible for managing biofouling on the ship’s hull, propeller and niche areas, and approved cleaning companies (i.e. in accordance with the standard’s requirements for approval of in-water cleaning companies). The industry standard can also be used by ports and other authorities for making decisions regarding permits, etc. Finally, the industry standard provides a possibility to improve the level of communication between shipowners and AFS manufacturers.

This is one of two separate documents that outline performance-based requirements for in-water cleaning of a ship’s hull, propeller and niche areas with the capture of the materials that are removed during the process:

  • Approval procedure for in-water cleaning companies.
  • Industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture.