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Annual Review

Annual Review 2020 Chinese Edition

September 2020 Free

The annual Report 2020 extensively explores ICS 'work in 2020 in the field of international shipping,包括:应对新冠肺炎疫情对船舶运营的挑战和船员换班困境;航运业在零碳排放方面的努力;打击猖獗的西非海盗和处理持续的地中海移民危机;成功支持IMO 2020硫限量的实施和讨论修改IMO《大发黄金版网页版》;捍卫全球污染责任制度;以及推动对《大发黄金版网页版登录》中有关海员培训标准的基本审查。

The Review explores, in depth, the significant issues faced by the industry in 2020, including: The impact of COVID-19 and the intensifying crew change crisis, efforts to decarbonise shipping, including the ongoing negotiations at the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the radical industry proposal for a USD 5 billion fund to accelerate the R&D of zero-carbon technologies.